Sliding Gate Operators

If there is limited space or the driveway entrance turns sharply to the right or the left, and a wing type gate would form an obstruction to the turning vehicle, then an electric sliding gate is the ideal solution.


Ideal solution for sliding gates with full CAME CONNECT capabilities, enabling you to manageyour gates remotely, using GSM, WiFi or LAN network. All kits include 2 x 5Ah battery back up, ideal to accommodate load shedding. Provide extra protection to your installation by upgrading your kit with a specially designed anti-theft bracket.


The Bk is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. The system incorporates electronics controlled by an encoder for safe, constant movement and safety of those using the fixture.


Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized gate leaves, such as industrial, sliding gates. The new generation electronics allows you to program the command to partially open the gate, control the proper running of the safety devices and automatically block the commands when any obstacles are detected.

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